Service FAQ
Product FAQ


Will you help in shipping profiles?

Yes. We will safely package the aluminum extrusion profiles. Then arrange for the shipping process. Our team will help you get cost effective solution. For inquiries, or assistance, you can talk to us.

Any discount for large orders?

A quantity discount is often available when large volumes of products are required.

What is your after-sale service?

Our after-sale service includes free spare parts, online technical support and other.

Are there any after-sales services after installation?

To extend the quality of each product order, DYM is always in touch with the executed projects to solve any questions you may meet.

Can we have our own logo or company name on the products or package?

Sure. Your logo can be put on our products. And if the cartons printing needed to be customized, please send us the artwork and detailed requirements by email or leave a message.

What are the key factors that influence the production cost of tile trim

The production cost for tile trim is a multifaceted aspect that involves various factors such as raw material costs, labor, technology, and overheads. To optimize production, manufacturers focus on controlling variable costs and implementing lean production mechanisms. DYM's Advanced technology and efficient production processes are key to minimizing costs and maximizing value, which is crucial for setting competitive wholesale prices and achieving a favorable position in the market.

Refund Policy for Sample Charges.

At DYM, we value customer satisfaction and long-term cooperation. We're pleased to offer a refund for the sample charge of our tile trims when you place an order. Our samples mirror the high quality of our products, ensuring you can purchase with confidence. For orders that meet our specified quantity or amount, the sample fee will be fully refunded or deducted from the total cost, providing you with a preferential transaction price. Contact our Customer Service for more details and enjoy our commitment to quality and competitive pricing.

I want to customize tile trim to enhance my brand identity and meet specific project requirements.

At DYM, we specialize in bespoke tile trim solutions to meet your unique requirements. Our expert team collaborates with you to design and manufacture tile trims that enhance brand recognition through distinctive shapes, colors, and designs. We prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure our customization services encompass design consultation, product development, and sample provision. Trust us to deliver tile trims that perfectly align with your specifications, achieving stability and consistency in every product. Reach out to us for a personalized service experience that caters to your specific needs.

Can I easily install tile trim myself?

Easy installation DYM's tile trim design is market proven and easy to install. We provide detailed installation manuals and video tutorials to ensure that customers can easily complete the installation. If you encounter any difficulties during the installation process, our professional after-sales team will provide online guidance and support. High precision design Our products are machined by highly automated machines and each component is precisely designed to simplify the installation process. Our engineers are dedicated to product design, ensuring that the tile trim is not only attractive, long in service life, but also easy to install. Professional after-sales support DYM is not only a product supplier, but also a problem solver. We provide efficient after-sales service to ensure that any problems you encounter when using the product can be solved in a timely manner. Our team of professionals will provide continuous support to ensure your product experience is satisfactory.

Q: Can tile trims be used with any type of tile?

Tile trims are compatible with most types of tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and glass.

Q: Can tile trims be customized or cut to fit corners or irregular shapes?

Yes, tile trims can be customized or cut to fit corners or irregular shapes using appropriate tools.

Q: Are tile trims waterproof?

Tile trims made of materials like aluminum and stainless steel are waterproof and resistant to moisture.

Q: How do I install tile trims?

Tile trims can be installed using adhesives, screws or clips, depending on the material and the specific installation requirements.

Q: Can tile trims be installed on both walls and floors?

Yes, tile trims can be used on both wall and floor tile installations.